Peak to Prairies Sizing Guide

My prints collection is available in 5 sizes, making them suitable for any space or room. 

They are universally sized making it easy to find the perfect frame at most shops and art stores. 

Check with your local shops for custom framing to showcase your new art and really bring it to life in your space.

I would highly recommend framing with Anti-Glare glass.


Print Sizing:

NOTE: I have added a border to my X-Small, Small, Medium and Large prints.

No border has been added to the Extra-Large prints.

This is to help when framing using a mat. 


X-SMALLPrint editions limited to 100

Perfect size for a gallery wall, Bathroom or reading nook. Great in series of 3 or more.

8.4"x12.4" Best framed with a mat at 8"x12"


SMALLPrint editions limited to 100

A great size to make that small space of yours pop, such as an entry way or reading nook. Great size to buy in pairs or more.


12.4”x18.4” Best framed with a mat at 12"x18" 

Medium: Print editions limited to 100

Perfect size for the bedroom, living room or hallway, also great in sets of 3 to bring unity to your space 


16.6”x24.6” Best framed with a mat at 16"x24"

Large: Print editions limited to 25

A great size for above the fireplace mantle and the bedroom. Great in sets of 2 or 3 being sure to match the theme of your space


25”x37” Best framed with a mat at 24"x36"

EXTRA LARGE: Print editions limited to 15

The statement piece, when paired with a custom frame will be sure to start a conversation in any room. Great on its own, with negative space surrounding it.

NOTE: As the limited series sells of this size, the prices will go up accordingly


I have NOT included a border with the Extra-Large prints as the print studio machine does not handle prints wider than 40"

*Special framing is needed with the Extra-Large prints, as they do not include a border. The frame/mat must fit specifically to the exact size of 40"x60"*